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“In Sharon’s work with NACD parents and children, I have observed her to have not only a deep fount of knowledge about underlying medical conditions to developmental challenges but also exceptional intuition about the emotional needs of parents and the medical and developmental needs of their children.  As an employee and team member, she surpassed all my expectations for her position in terms of medical knowledge, client compassion, and professional passion.  She strikes the appropriate balance between objectivity in her recommendations and empathy for the people in her care.  She develops strong and caring relationships with her clients that create interpersonal bases for the difficult conversations and tireless motivation that her work requires.” 


- Robert J. Doman Jr, President, National Association for Child Development (NACD)

“Sharon is endowed with all the qualities of an excellent doctor – thorough knowledge, analytic ability, excellent working relations and much empathy for her patients…”


– Prof. S. Cabilly, MD, z”l

“Sharon is great at what she does.  She listens to you, and works hard to find the right solutions to help you.  She is very kind, and has a big heart for helping others.  Her program helped me through some very difficult times.  I definitely recommend her!”


– Ashley Campbell

“Dr. Sharon is a patient, practical, and approachable person.  When I came to her I was experiencing major sciatic pain, sleepless nights, unexplained body aches/joint pain, etc.  After receiving several treatments and walking through events in my timeline, my sciatic pain is under control, my sleep is restful, and my body aches/joint pain are mostly a thing of the past.”


– V.F.

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"Sharon's craniosacral therapy and treatments came during a needed time in my life. Just making the appointment times relieved some anxiety. Being with her was relieving and spiritually uplifting. Sharon has a caring and gentle demeanor that emulates her being. You know you are in very good hands from the moment you meet her. I would recommend her treatments to everybody." 

– L.A.

“I wanted to tell you that since you started treating our son, he feels much better. At long last, he doesn't miss days in kindergarten, is really happy and above all healthy.”


– Thank you for everything, Lior

"I have no words to express the relief I feel thanks to the dedicated care you gave me.
The psoriasis had spread over my body, but the treatment stopped and even eliminated the rash.
It's great to know that when I have a medical problem I have someone to turn to." 

– Thank you, Ori

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